Three Specialized Arkansas Power Dry Benefits

Full service general contracting company

Arkansas Power Dry is a full service general contracting company.

When you hire Arkansas Power Dry you immediately eliminate any possibility of the kind of ‘finger pointing’ that too many other contractors engage in far too often.

 Simplest most cost-effective manner possible

Our technicians arrive on site, quickly eradicate the mold but need to access the wall behind your refrigerator to complete the job properly.

Remediation Repair

You might not already have a suitable drywall contractor or plumber in your Rolodex to take care of the minor repairs needed to patch and paint the wall, or to extend a pipe if necessary. You might also decide now is the perfect time to remodel the rest of the kitchen since some of the construction work would overlap with the repair work as well.Instead of guessing who to call, or relying on a stranger’s review in Yelp, you can now simply hire Arkansas Power Dry and we will work hand in hand with their staff of tradesmen to get the end result you want in the simplest most cost-effective manner possible!

Hand and the glove you want

Contact us any time to discuss any mold relevant projects you want to complete, or call Arkansas Power Dry and speak to them directly if you are considering construction work that is unrelated to mold removal.

They do a great job, and we trust them completely because we share their values.